Thank you Kuopio, Lahti & Seinäjoki!

Metaverse Tour is getting close to end and the last three nights have been amazing! Kuopio on 28th of March was once again a rocking event in the cold yet friendly Eastern Finland. Dallas Superstar Heikki L warmed the place for JS16 who had the whole place rocking by 2am with his big room electro house sound. Congrats to Dallas guys for doing the official Football World Championship theme song of 2008 featuring the one and only “Mr. Lova Lova” Shaggy! Boombastic!! You’ll hear plenty of that song next summer for sure… Video report of the night is in the video player of my site. Big thanks to local promoters Jykä and Miska and everybody else who helped with the events and to Exxa and rest of the DJ crew for the world class technical set-up!

Last weekend we headed on Friday to Lahti and Saturday to Seinäjoki. Super8 and Tab have been touring the world intensively during the last weeks and rocked the place with their traditional Anjuna sound. I think these guys will be BIG in couple years… The real don daddy of the night to me was DJ Infekto who’s end of the night d’n’b set was pure gold! Guy is a legend and it was so fresh to see elektro house, progressive, trance, breaks and drum’n’bass all being played at the same floor and same people enjoying the stuff all nite long. I’d like to see and hear more of this kind of musically open minded attitude everywhere! Many thanks to Etana posse and DJ Ton-E for the help with promotion!

On Saturday both Proteus and Heikki L had to cancel their gigs (talk about bad luck!) but Joonas Hahmo and DJ Neon were excellent replacements. Joonas played the first slot with nice proggy house vibe going on and finished the set with his own amazing ‘Sound of Sunday’ from 2007. Neon played after me and he was on fire! He promised to start with some slower music which turned out to be “only” 160bpm and ended the night with RMB’s classic ‘Spring’:) I didn’t mind as the crowd seemed to love him and I still have a soft spot for german rave as I used to play that in 1992-1995. Rytmikorjaamo is amazing venue, PA sounded phat and lights went wild so it was all good. It was nice to see Syna guys, Ville Lope and other old school faces around there too. Big thanks to Kaitsu, Toni and Harri for making this possible! Videos from Lahti and Seinäjoki are coming soon to the video player… Tour will end in two weeks with annual mega rave Laserpoint at Kaapelitehdas. See you on the dancefloor!