The Laserpoint Experience

Most of you who were at Laserpoint event last Saturday in Helsinki can probably share my feeling of positive surprise. I had high expectations as LP has been #1 “rave” event in Finland for many years but2008 was great in many ways.First thing that I noticed when arriving to the venue at 18:00 was super calm and professional vibe. Everything was in perfect shape and crew in a great mood. It’s been a long road since bringing Armin first time to Finland in 2000 (btw also one of his first foreign gigs!) and the early days of Mr.A and Pietari playing hard house in Hima&Sali at Kaapeli. This year sound system, lights, videos, lasers and everything else seemed to be in pretty much perfect shape. Iceing on the cake was pyrotechnics (by Pyroman of Eurovision ’07 fame) during my set which lifted the vibe on totally new level at least for me. And temperature too! Big respect and thanks to Lauri, Haba, Francis, Esa, Parker, Anna, Tumpsi, Efo, Joonas, Jape and everybody else who made Saturday possible and smooth!

Musically John ’00 Fleming deliver what I hoped meaning a kick ass big room psy trance set. His opening intro, remix of Junkie XL’s ‘Beauty Never Fades’, some great full on psy and closing with Tilt remix of Robert Miles’ ‘Children’ fit perfectly the main room vibe. I played a slightly more banging and “greatest hits” type of set as it was the closing set of the event. Highlights were Metaverse [Gareth Emery remix], Flight 643 remix, my YearZero remix and Unity as closing track seemed to go down well. Big thanks also to Nexus girls for performances during the set..

It’s always nice to dig lights, pyros or lasers but Saturday proved once again that it’s the people who make the party. Event was sold out with 3000+ people in total during the night. It was also great to see such a positive, good looking and enthusiastic crowd. Already up for it early on and lots of good old proper rave outfits everywhere. So let’s stop being sentimental with Labyrinth raves and the nineties. This is 2008. This is Now. And we’re loving it!