Tranceaddict Top 250 / DJ Mag Top 100

Many thanks to everybody who voted me in Tranceaddict annual Top 250 voting. Being at #80 felt really good especially as that is a members only voting so cheating and spamming is pretty hard. With more than 23 000 votes it’s also second largest voting after DJ Mag’s one. The DJ Mag Top 100 results came yesterday and had some nice changes too while most of it was somewhat predictable. Here is a link to the results. As the DJ Mag site seems to be extremely slow today the link is to another site. Only finnish DJ in Top 100 is Paavo from Above & Beyond but with Darude and Super8 & Tab all in Top 150 it was pretty good for us finns!

Personally I’m starting to get tired with the whole polling phenomena. It’s always been more about entertainement than actual, objective representation of world’s best DJs, but I feel it’s affecting a lot into DJs and promoters’s behaviour nowadays and not always in a positive way. Some DJs might not develope their style while being afraid of “dropping on the list” while promoters are being reported to book DJs only based on their DJ Mag ranking and resulting booking DJs like James Zabiela to commercial nights with bad results. Also the amount of spam it generates in emails and MySpace is ridiculous and after this year’s cheating bust-outs people are losing their trust in it. Personally I’ve decided to stop hypeing these votings. If someone wants to vote me I’m all ok with that, but I won’t be sending emails or MySpace messages about it anymore:)

Don’t get me wrong… I have huge respect to practically every name on that list and all of them have worked hard to be there. But to me this whole culture has always been an alternative to the 80s stadium rock / pop superstar phenomena with faceless DJs playing to ravers who are the “stars of the night”. Let’s get back into that, stop watching/worshipping the DJ on stage and concentrate on each other on the dance floor!