Turku 6h set review

If I remember correctly it’s been two years since my last six hour set which was the last Unity The Island in Uunisaari. As the long sets are the ones I really love I had high hopes for the full night set at Klubi in Turku. Especially as I’ve been playing long summer stes there since the late 90s and last five years or so a 6h one at Klubi and the are always highlights of the summer.

Luckily this wasn’t an exception at least from my perspective. There were close to 400 people from around Southern Finland, the temperature got into sauna-like atmosphere, the floor filled surprisingly quickly, there were lots of familar Turku possé around and people seemed to be very openminded with lots of different kinds of tracks getting a big reaction. Matti Jykylä and Riku from Harharyhma did also great job with the visual side of the event.

After playing so many house sets lately at Jack/HTC/Love it was also super nice to play proper trance a lot. Some personal musical highlights would include Mat Zo remix of U2’s Beautiful Day, Haric C’s bootleg mix of Synesthesia, Pryda’s Lift, Tom Mddleton remix of Orbital’s Halcyon and teh Jay Selway and Magnus’ remix of Vibrasphere’s Autumn Lights. The bpm at the end was 140 (!) so it was definitely the most banging set I’ve played for a while.

There’s been already some talks about the enxt date to Turku and I hope it won’t be too long. Thanks to everybody who made it all happen and especially of course people on the dancefloor creating the vibe!! Respect.