Turku road trip

24h road trip to Turku is now behind and I’m happily back home after dropping Gareth Emery to the airport. Yesterday was a lot of fun and I was more excited rather than nervous DJing after quite a long break. Gareth also enjoyd Turku crowd a lot saying it was one of this year’s best gigs. His set was surprisingly banging from start to finish with lot of tech trance material from the likes of Sander van Doorn, Tiesto and Ali Wilson. Quality grooves still and the crowd loved it a lot. Gareth seemed genuinely impressed with the overall production with DJ set up, hosting, sound system, lights & visual etc being up there (and above) average international level. After the night he wanted to experience “the filthiest kebab Turku has to offer” but afterwards said the filthyness was too much:)

Choon! made their crowd record with well over 600 people in during the night. My own set went from melodic tech house through prog house to progressive trance and it was nice to see the place filling so early. Respect to the guy in Coca-Cola shirt who was on the dancefloor at 22:02! Some personal highlights of the set were Wippenberg’s Chakalaka, Erick Morillo & DLG’s Where Are You Now, Ticon’s 1987 and Deepsky’s J. Scott G.’s amazing bootleg remix of Utah Saints’ Something Good. You can see the full tracklist in the Playlist section of my site. Big thanks for Jussi and rest of the Choon! crew for a great night.

It was also nice to see all the familiar Turku faces around (Greetz to Seb, Valo-Jani, Amma, Nenna, Homegrove, Taina, Petra, Lank Antti…) and lots of people from Helsinki (respect to the Rave Van posse, Further massive, Laura & Eric…). My next gigs are in Frankfurt and London while in Finland I’m next DJing at the Pussy 10th Anniversary on 8th of November at Presidentti Club.