If I’d need to move from Helsinki but stay in Finland my choice would surely be Turku or Tampere. That’s how much fun me, Mr.A and Misc Management posse had last weekend! Klubi in Turku was rocking already at 23:30 when Super8 & Tab stepped in and served 1 1/2 hours of their traditional Anjuna sound. Klubi had been decorated very nicely, lights were spot on and what’s most important everybody seem to be on a real party mood. According to Turku main man/promoter/DJ Seb there was well over 1000 people at Klubi in three floors during the night. My set went well except for couple technical hick-ups with Ableton like tempo going to 999bpm during God’s Garden. Talk about hard trance! Set highlight was probably the unreleased mix of YearZero which might be released on AVA sometime soon. Mr.A closed the night in his inimitable way and had the floor (and Cristal Snow on stage) pumping until the end. You can check out the tour video at YouTube.

Tampere was equally good as Turku also because of the special venue. Misc Management guys managed to get us old “dance & dining  restaurant” Hämeensilta for Saturday and it was unique with a nice 7th floor view over Tampere. Venue reminded me of classic Unity venue Royal Cotton Club in Helsinki in 1999. Tampere seem to be in an openminded mood with everything from DJ Kimik’s skippy grooves, Flight’s pumping house to Beliar’s full on dutch trance working well. Judging by reaction Unity got there was lots of old scholl people in the house. The event was practically sold out already at 00:30 so it was all good… Check out the Tampere vibes at YouTube.

Big thanks to JussiS, Seb, Nenna, Super8 & Tab, Mr.A, Flight, Kimik, Juha, Aki A, Loopy and everybody else for making it all happen! If you have videos or photos from these events, check out the Metaverse community section for how to get them on this site through our YouTube and Flickr functions.