Union Jack: Two Full Moons & A Trout remix

I started a remix of this ultimate trance classic from 1993 early spring 2008. My studio move and becoming a father has postponed finishing this one, but I hope to get it done before end of the year. The original and Caspar Pound remix are one of my all time favourites and truly timeless classics so I don’t want to rush with it. This remix is done “on spec” so it will be released only if Platipus Records sees it working very well.

My remix is currently a 10+ minute, 132 bpm, epic, prog trance journey paying very much homage to the Caspar Pound remix. Simon (Berry of Platipus / Art of Trance) didn’t have any other sounds left from the original except the bulgarian female choir so I’ve been sampling the original versions and recreating the samples by my own. I was trying out the early version on the Metaverse Tour and it was working well but still needs a lot of work. I will let you know when it’s finished…

There’s also one other remix of a very special old classic cooking up in the new studio but more of that also later!