Here is some more info regarding August’s Unity The Island. Info taken from the official Unity mailing list which you can join at if you want to be the first to know about any future Unity activities.

Heyyy birds and animals,

The time has come! Tickets to the last Uunisaari party will be
on sale next Monday morning 10:00 at Street Beat. The price is
30 euros plus 1 euro to the legends of Street Beat who have
served all your underground dance music needs for tens, if not
hundreds of years (hard to say by looking at them). Cash only,
and pretty please, keep 1 euro coins with you, or the legends
will run out of change. You can buy two tickets per person.

We value the money you have earned, so everything you give us in
form of bought tickets, goes back to the party. You worked hard
for the money, and we will too (although we do not get paid).
This is where your money is spent — it’s a long list, but hey,
it should be for 30 euros:

What is not included in the 30 euros, but comes free of charge:

— The love, passion, and attention to detail we put into making
the whole night perfect. No one gets paid, no one makes a
profit, and if everything goes as planned, we will end up
with a black zero, not red numbers below the line.
Nevertheless, another Unity party is always worth the risk!

Love, Robin Hood

Club Unity —
Fighting for a better world since 1996