Unity The Island 2008 – Info #2

Here is some more info regarding August’s Unity The Island. Info taken from the official Unity mailing list which you can join at http://www.clubunity.org/list/ if you want to be the first to know about any future Unity activities.

Heyyy birds and animals,

The time has come! Tickets to the last Uunisaari party will be
on sale next Monday morning 10:00 at Street Beat. The price is
30 euros plus 1 euro to the legends of Street Beat who have
served all your underground dance music needs for tens, if not
hundreds of years (hard to say by looking at them). Cash only,
and pretty please, keep 1 euro coins with you, or the legends
will run out of change. You can buy two tickets per person.

We value the money you have earned, so everything you give us in
form of bought tickets, goes back to the party. You worked hard
for the money, and we will too (although we do not get paid).
This is where your money is spent — it’s a long list, but hey,
it should be for 30 euros:

  • — Renting Uunisaari for the whole weekend, to give us two days
    to build it up and Sunday to take everything down.
  • — Printing fancy flyers to advertise the event and to act as
    something you can hold on and remember this night forever.
    This could be the last Unity paper flyer ever. It will sell
    for hundreds of euros in 2058 so keep it safe.
  • — Tents, lights, decorations and sound systems for four music
    areas, to transform the whole island into a rave playground.
    (Remember to respect the unique nature of this playground
    though, clean up after yourselves!)
  • — Sailors and boats to transfer you safely to the island and
    back. Drunken pirates would be cheaper but less reliable.
  • — Full security service for all of us from 18:00 to 05:00.
  • — Treasure hunt and other games to keep you busy.
  • — Complimentary buffet and barbeque by ze regular Unity Chefs,
    starting at 18:00.
  • — Beach party from 18:00 to 22:00.
  • — Champagne, strawberries, ice cream, sausages, and all kinds
    of treats to give away during the ten hours between 18 and 04.
  • — Lowland’s sunset piano concerto on the beach at 21:30.
  • — Getting the piano to the beach safely and in tune.
  • — Photo stand for making sure your crazy masquerade outfits and
    friends, new and old, will not be forgotten.
  • — Massive mega group photo of us all (You too!) at the beach.
    Don’t miss it at 20:00 to be part of this historical photo!
  • — Magical performances around the island at secret locations,
    at secret times.
  • — Unity Collective teasing your musical mind all day and all
    night. Not only because we don’t need to pay the collective
    DJs. They’re good too.
  • — DJ Indigo’s unique chillout session around the campfire,
    from 22:00 until the morning light.
  • — DJ Orkidea picking his most loved records and immersing you
    in his musical vision for six hours.
  • — Chance to hear Slusnik Luna’s whole musical output from 1993
    until 2008 in a once-in-a-lifetime nonstop Rave-WC airing.
    That’s 15 years and 15 hours of music!
  • — World’s first Midnight Hohto-Neppis championship race,
    starting at 00:00.
  • — Cleaning after the party. Again, please help us and use
    the garbage bins!
  • — Backstage refreshments to keep the staff… fresh.
  • — Food to keep everyone who’s helping us during
    the weekend fat.
  • — A barge, a van, boat and other vehicles to transport materials,
    animals and people.
  • — Extra personnel and bars to keep you drunk.
  • — Two bottles of Jaloviina for the brave guys taking it all
    down on Sunday.

What is not included in the 30 euros, but comes free of charge:

— The love, passion, and attention to detail we put into making
the whole night perfect. No one gets paid, no one makes a
profit, and if everything goes as planned, we will end up
with a black zero, not red numbers below the line.
Nevertheless, another Unity party is always worth the risk!

Love, Robin Hood

Club Unity — www.clubunity.org
Fighting for a better world since 1996