Unity The Island 2008

First “official” news are out regarding this summer’s Unity The Island. They come from the official Unity mailing list – quoted below. If you want to be up-to-date with Finland’s most unregular club night, feel free to join our even more random mailing list:


“Dear friends,

The coming August Unity will say farewell to Uunisaari. The last
Unity The Island will be held on Saturday the 2nd of August, 2008.
If the champagne has wiped the memory of every previous Island
party from your brain, we urge you to join us in this last dance
to make this night one to never forget. Unity is, and has always
been, all about you, the people creating the atmosphere. All of us
doing it together, in unity.

You will see old friends and perhaps unite with a few new ones
on a miniature holiday for grownup ravers. You will join a crazy-
friendly-all-together-hands-in-the-air future tribal ritual with
hippies and bankers. You will experience peace, love, unity and
respect, all hand-made with love for you. You will enjoy drinks
and a guaranteed hangover too! We can’t wait to see the smiling
faces arriving to The Island with minds full of excitement and
bags full of food and drinks.

There will be a DJ Orkidea six hour set in his purest tone, a
chance for him to exhibit his true musical vision. Slusnik Luna
will appear live, maybe even on stage, Unity Collective promises
to go super eclectic in Klubiza, Lowland will put a tear in your
eye with his piano concert on the beach, and DJ Indigo will sooth
you to somewhere between dream and the campfire. We are rooted
in the kikkelitrance culture of the 90s while keeping the music
fresh and up-to-date.

We may sound naive, but we are members of the first rave
generation and proud of it. We long for the honest spirit of the
illegal raves of the early 90s. It will be a celebration of life
but also a tribute to a lost Friend, Unity primus motor Harri
Aalto. Rest in peace dear friend. You are always with us.

It’s been an amazing five years in Uunisaari but now it’s time to
move on. This culture has always been about constant progression
and closing one page usually opens a new one… Forwards ever,
backwards never. To celebrate the ending of an era, the last Unity
The Island will be a Magical Masquerade. Transform yourself into
someone else and throw your hands in the air, just like you don’t
care. This is not Ibiza, this is not Miami, this is Uunisaari.

Yours truly, the whole Unity Posse”