Unity The Island & DJ Orkidea nominated at the Bassoradio Music Awards

Finnish alternative music media Basso is having their annual Bassoradio Music Awards voting again. I am happy that both Club Unity and myself are nominated! So if you’ve enjoyed either the Unity events or my DJ sets/music please use five minutes of your precious time and show some love:)

In “Best Event” category the last Unity The Island in Uunisaari (from July 2008) is in big company with all the other events being basically festivals for thousands of people. Great to see our beloved “hobby event” made with heart & soul in that kind of professional company.

Looking at the “Best DJ” category makes me feel good about our scene too as there’s crazy amount of talent and dedication to alternative dance music culture in there. If you’ve enjoyed my DJ gigs or for example the Metaverse album last year feel free to show it.

I know that Basso is more towards the urban/breakz/hip hop side of dance music but with lots of nominates from the more 4/4 field it will be interesting to see the results. Results are announced at the annual Bassoradio Music Awards gala at Virgin Oil on Friday 06.03.2009 so the voting time is pretty short. Thanks already in advance if you find the time to support us!