Very special Radio Unity episode tonight

To get us into a relaxed holiday mood I decided to make this year’s December Radio Unity something quite unique. This episode will be mainly three things:

  1. Something to play while chilling during the holiday times. NYE is anyway around the corner so that we can then crazy party too. This will be very chillaxing 60 minutes of music.
  2. A tribute to one of the most expressive instruments out there: piano.
  3. Musical “battle” between classical and trance: Philip Glass and Michael Nyman going back-2-back with the likes of BT and Thrillseekers.

Christmas is also for many of us time to remember friends, loved ones and family members that we’ve lost during the years. I suggest that while listening to this mix, dedicate some peaceful time to cherish the memories of great moments with the ones who are not here anymore.

This mix features some of the most touching pieces of music that I know, but will be something quite untraditional – at least in the context of’s banging club sounds;) Even if this might sound a little bit strange I think it all makes sense as some of the classical piano pieces (from ie. Philip Glass) have been major inspiration for the early trance of Oliver Lieb, Cosmic Baby etc. Hope you’ll enjoy the mix. I truly enjoyed putting this together. Feel free to join the discussion live at forum. It’s fun out there:)