Vodka, lasers, trance and speed limits in Czech Republic

Did you know there is Vodka brand called “Helsinki Vodka”? Neither did I, but there is a such brand and it’s made in Czech Republic! I found this out during my debut gig in Czech Republic last weekend. I also found out that Czech people are very very friendly, they love trance music and when they come to club they really like to dance full on, not just hang around and nod their heads a bit. And as often in Eastern Europe the club had a proper laser system which was shooting directly to the people which is something we don’t have here in Finland.

I was playing in the city of Brno (they’ve never been too much into vocals in Eastern Europe;) which seems to have a solid trance scene as Jochen Miller was playing on the same date in Brno. The venue was a nice and comfy 300-400 capacity club located next to the local football stadium. I was wondering if this the closest to stadium gigs I will get? =D One of the promoters Libor was doing the warm up with some nice progressive trance. The track which got the floor properly going was Ali Wilson’s Pandora which currently seems to be THE trance anthem of summer 2010. I played a two hour set of melodic progressive house and progressive trance with lots of finnish and own stuff. I also roadtested the new Andy Moor vs Orkidea and Solarstone vs Orkidea collaborations and the 2010 mixes of Slusnik Luna’s Sun and my Unity. All seemed to do the damage. One local clubber called my style “space trance” which I really liked. Sci-fi films have always been inspiration to me anyway. You can the full tracklist of my set at the Charts & Playlists section of my site:

The other main DJ/promoter Mase continued after me with some banging techy sound which seemed to go down well. The only real downside of the trip was that the party ended at 05am and my flight was from Vienna at 10am so no much sleep… Getting to the airport on time required some “relaxed interpretation” of speed limits;) And what about the Helsinki Vodka..? Well it was pretty harsh tasting but seemed to unite the Czech and Finnish trance nations happily:)