Whiteout 2011 memories

Wow! What an experience the Whiteout 2011 was. Kaapelitehdas was full, people filled with positive vibes, the event production once again took a step forward and there were lot of fantastic costumes making most out of the dress code. This definitely shows that the electronic dance music and clubbing culture is in good shape in 2011. Looking back to the 90s I can say that those times were filled with proper rave spirit but nowadays the sheer quality and professionalism of the whole production is simply amazing and up to the top international standards. And you can see the original spirit also still burning in the movers and shakers of the scene.

I was super happy with what the visual team had done for my set and I felt the sync between Matti Jykyläs light design, Xploitec VJs videos on the massive DJ booth/screen, Pyroman pyrotechnics, swedish lasers (25 of them!) and Nexus performers was pretty damn good. So huuuuge thanks to everybody involved in creating the experience! Thanks also to the audience for the warm welcome of the old and new tracks. The set has been in the making for months and it was great to hear the music from a big system and see peoples reactions on the floor. Priceless moments indeed… Here is the tracklist of my set:

  1. Orkidea: Beautiful (Whiteout 2011 remix)
  2. Orkidea & JS16: Hale Bopp
  3. Orkidea & Andy Moor: YearZero (Unreleased Andy Moor remix – 2011 remaster)
  4. Orkidea: Untitled
  5. Way Out West: Killa (Orkidea’s Whiteout 2011 remix)
  6. Orkidea & Solarstone: Zeitgeist
  7. Orkidea: Untitled vs DJ Tiesto: 643 (Orkidea remix)
  8. Orkidea: Unity (Whiteout 2011 outro mix)

I spent most of the whole evening and night at Kaapeli and managed to catch many of the other artists too. Blank & Jones and Sander van Doorn both showed how they’ve earned their position when delivering top notch sets. Especially van Doorns techy sounds in the end were perfect closing of the event. I hope we’ll see more of techno influenced sounds in the future cause it seems to fit the surroundings perfectly. From the local performers the big room prog sounds of Heikki L & Anton Sonin, DJ Orions gorgeous ambient opening with live piano & violins and the menacing energy in the b2b session of Proteus, Genki and Muffler all hit the right notes for me.

So congratulations to Joonas, Lauri, Francis, Haba and rest of the Laserpoint/Labyrinth crew for the 15th anniversary and for many years to come! This is always one of the clubbing highlights in Finland and on 14.04.2012 we’ll surely see another event not to miss.