Whiteout today in Helsinki

It looks like this weekend we will see Kaapelitehdas venue here in Helsinki being sold out for the first time in ten years for a dance music event. There are still some tickets left but probably the event will sell out latest from the door. Which is a great way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Labyrinth and Laserpoint events. I’m not 100% sure but I think I’ve played there every year during these 15 years. I did my first ever live set at Labyrinth 2000 and it must have been the most nerve wrecking gig I’ve ever played because of the excitement and antisipation. The sight of 3000-4000 people in that legendary warehouse space is nothing short of spectacular.

Since 2000 I’ve played at Kaapeli three other live sets of my own music and remixes. This time my set will offer quite a few classics reworked specially for this occasion, couple brand new tracks and some interesting collaborations. I must say that I’m fortunate to work with such great talent in both music and the overall event production. In the studio I’ve been working recently with Andy Moor, Solarstone, Petri “Lowland” Alanko and Jaakko “JS16” Salovaara on material for my next album. My set time is 00:00-01:00 and I will play everything from deeper and  128 bpm prog trance to 140 bpm full on big room trance. On the production side there will be light designer Matti Jykylä, Heikki from Xploitec VJ crew, Nexus performers and Scandinavia’s leading laser operators visualizing the experience.

The event production and line up looks like a real killer this year. Dutch tech trance superstar Sander van Doorn and german trance legends Blank & Jones will surely deliver some big room goodies. From the finnish talent I’m looking forward to experiencing some menacing energy in the Proteus hosted “Heroes of the Underground” room, be moved by the emotional opening of DJ Orion’s chill out live and pumped up by Helsinki Vibe duo Heikki L and Anton Sonin before Blank & Jones.

As you probably know there is a white party dress code and last year over 90% of the people were dressed accordingly. Personally I am a big fan of dress codes because it seems to add some extra sense of togetherness to any event. Also when people think and prepare the outfit for weeks (or minutes?) it adds to the overall excitement and buzz of the party. All that being said I’m sure a positive attitude matters more than any outfit so everybody is surely welcome no matter what is the color of the clothes. See you all on the ravefloor!